Learning Photography

People often ask this question of me. What's the best way to learn photography? I'll start by saying that today is one of the best environments for learning photography that I have ever seen. You have online training programs like KelbyTraining.com and Lynda.com. You have photography schools. The granddaddy of correspondence schools in the New York Institute of Photography. There are more books on photography than ever before. The answer that I give people is choose what works for you, your lifestyle and budget. 

You learn best by going out and taking pictures. The more pictures you take the quicker you will learn. Look at the work of others. The game changer these days is there are so many photographs that you can view online. You can search for and look at the photographs of the master photographers. Flickr is a great source for viewing the work of other photographers. Get involved in a local photography club. If you like a certain type of photography look at magazines that feature that type of work.

Remember, this is just my thoughts on the subject. There is much more to share on this subject. If you have some suggestions or ideas that you would like to share feel free to leave a comment. 


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