Project 365

So far I have 101 straight days of taking at least one photo and posting a photograph. It has been challenging but fun. Some days I am at a loss for a subject. I have used my iPhone, point and shoot and my DSLR. Its been a journey but I'm committed. I love image making. I love story telling. In the middle of all this I have started this blog. Why a blog. I need a place that's my home for images and story telling. After 40 some years in photography I have a lot to say. 

I started photography back in the 70's. I started with a cheap 35mm camera and shot mostly black and white film. I went to a photo school in the 70's in New York and I have learned a lot. I made mistakes then and I still make them today. One thing that hasn't changed is I am just as passionate today as I was then.  That's why I started my Project 365 and that's why I have this blog. 

In the future I will have some tips and guests contributing to things here. I like keeping it simple and will try to do the same here.