PhotoPlus Expo

Thought I would share my experiences this year at PDN’s PhotoPlus Expo. For those of you who don’t know this is the biggest photo trade show in the USA. They offer somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 seminars and 250+ exhibitors. I’ve been going to this event for many years now. This years was Expo was very well attended. There are so many things to see I usually attend all three days. However, due to the Hurricane Sandy I decided to skip Saturday and come home before the weather got worse. 

This year is best summed up by Scott Kelby. Please read his blog post about his one day at the Expo. Here is the link: www.

The Expo attracts the movers and shakers in the photo industry. Most if not all of the photo equipment you see in the photo magazines will be available at this show. You get to talk to the camera manufacturers and other equipment representatives. Want to put your hands on new equipment? It was at the Expo. 

Just about any photographer you hear about these days was there. I saw Sandy Puc, Sue Bryce, Jay Maisel, Matt Kloskowski, RC Concepcion, Syl Arena, Peter Hurley and Matthew Jordan Smith. I spent some time talking to Jason Odell (Luminescence of Nature) and Steve Simon (author of The Passionate Photographer). I met and talked to Jerry Ghionis and his lovely wife Melissa. They were such nice people. Very genuine and down to earth. It was great talking and sharing with them. 

That’s it. If you get a chance you should attend next year. You don’t have to sign up for the seminar/classes but you can get “free” passes to the show floor. It’s worth the trip.

Posting some iPhone photos from the trip.

Taken with my iPhone

Taken with my iPhone