Taking your photography to the next level

Almost everyone who gets serious about photography always asks the question "What do I need to improve or how do I take it to the next level". So, I will offer a few suggestions.

  • Take more photos, in fact shoot everyday
  • Look at the work of others....often
  • Study to work of the famous master photographers
  • Don't be afraid to ask for serious critiques of your work
  • Push yourself, shoot subjects that you are not comfortable with
  • Start and finish a personal project
  • View the numerous and free webinars that are offered by photo manufacturers
  • When you can AFFORD it, invest in Lynda.com or Kelbytraining.com
  • AdobeTV.com is free
  • Did I mention that you should shoot something that you normally don't shoot. If you shoot people, then shoot some landscapes. If you shoot birds, then shoot people.
  • Find more interesting subjects
  • Buying more equipment will not help....if you buy equipment invest in good lenses first
New York City skyline taken from Weehawken NJ

New York City skyline taken from Weehawken NJ