Just do it....

I know you have heard or saw that phrase before. It's from Nike's well documented and trademarked campaign. I'm borrowing the phrase to tell you a little story. When I got my first 35mm film camera I got to spend the day with my teacher and mentor Henry Crump. It was a Saturday and we walked the streets of New York City looking for things to photograph. I remember we came across some very interesting things and people that day. I was so excited to be moving up (from Polaroid) and looked forward to developing my first roll of black and white film. To my shock and surprise the film did not load. OMG...the professional photographer did not load my film properly. So what did I do? I figured out how to load my own film and take my own light meter reading. Sorry, but my first camera did not have a built-in exposure meter. I decided I could not wait and figured it out on my own. I learned how to do it all on my own.

My message today is simple. Some of you have a great desire to learn. That's great but don't wait. Learn it on your own. Practice until you get it right. But don't ever be afraid to try.