Day 365 of 365

Day 365 of 365. Started Last year in July 2012 and today was the last day. For me that is now two years of Project 365. I completed my first 365 in December 2011. The first one was from Jan 2011 to December 31, 2011. I took a 7 month break and started again last July 2012. The project for me has been about staying consistent. I took a photo everyday and posted it the same day. I had nothing to prove to anyone except myself. So what's next? I'll still shoot everyday. I'm making it a goal to post everyday, however I'll be searching my archives and re-processing some photos in addition to new work. Thanks to my wife, kids, friends, well-wishers and admirers for helping me along the journey. So proud of the folks here that have jumped on the project. I'll be cheering you on.