Steps to improve your photography

When I started learning photography I asked one of my mentor's what did it take to improve. He said, take more pictures. 


  • Shoot (take pictures) often
  • Learn to shoot (take pictures) with a purpose (find a project that's personal to you)
  • I'll say it again, find a personal project
  • Personal projects lead to great things
  • Self Edit, self edit and self edit
  • Share your photos online, however don't empty your memory card and put it online. Trust me on this one. Be selective and remember...SELF EDIT
  • Share your best work but SHARE YOUR WORK. So many people hear this and become afraid to share their work
  • Print your work
  • Learn about photography
  • Read a book on photography
  • Take a class
  • Online videos-,, You Tube
  • The most important part of the photographic process is you. Invest in yourself. Instead of buying new gear invest that money in learning. Yes, photo workshops are expensive but the value is so worth it.