The Film Photography Handbook- Book Review

I started in photography a long time ago. I started with Polaroid cameras and eventually started using 35mm film cameras. I learned photography by using film. I started using Kodak Tri-X. I had to learn how to develop my own film and print from my negatives. Learning materials were available but they were not in great abundance, affordable or easy to come by. The public library was the place to go. Today, I still have my test prints from "back in the day". So when I received the chance to review this book "The Film Photography Handbook" I jumped at the chance.

The Film Photography Handbook is one great resource for learning about film photography. It starts with the why of film and covers just about everything in between. The differences between analog and digital, white balance vs. film types and gives you step by step instructions on how to process film yourself. The authors approach the differences between 35mm, medium format, large format cameras and offer tips for buying or purchasing a film camera. If you decide to get into film photography I highly recommend buying this book. 

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